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Officials USA Hockey Department


The Officials Wearhouse brings you the best prices on a wide selection of hockey referee equipment, apparel and accessories. We carry a full line of Nike, CCM, Itech and Easton products.

Our friendly staff of experienced officials can help with just about any question you might have. We ship most orders in 24 hours! You can count on The Officials Wearhouse to offer you the best selection, great prices, excellent customer service and fast affordable shipping.

We now offer team and corporate apparel – We can embroider or silkscreen on hats, jackets, and shirts, windsuits, etc. We can customized any piece of clothing with your association or companies logo. See our catalogs online and contact us at or by calling 888-806-7337 for details.

Proud Supplier to the following Officiating Staffs...

CCM Adjustable USA National Team Hat
CCMUSAHAT Was:$24.99
Now Only:$19.99 USD
CCM Adjustable Canada National Team Hat
CCMCANHAT Was:$24.99
Now Only:$19.99 USD
Bauer Supreme 1000 Officials Elbow Pad
OEP1000 Was:$39.99
Now Only:$31.99 USD
Easton Camo Reversible Knit Beanie
A164421 Was:$15.99
Now Only:$5.99 USD
Itech Nylon Mesh Jock
200 Was:$29.99
Now Only:$10.00 USD
2010 Womens Player Development Camp Tee
PDC-W2000 Was:$19.99
Now Only:$10.00 USD
2011 PDC Ringer Tee
PDC-T200 Was:$20.00
Now Only:$10.00 USD
2012 PDC Boys Cotton Tee
PDC-B12 Was:$20.00
Now Only:$10.00 USD
2012 PDC Girls Cotton Tee
PDC-G12 Was:$20.00
Now Only:$10.00 USD
Officials Wearhouse PTX Girdle Pant
OWPTX Was:$124.99
Now Only:$109.99 USD
2011 PDC Club Short
PDC-116 Was:$25.00
Now Only:$12.00 USD
Reebok Team Pant
PN3434 Was:$49.99
Now Only:$24.99 USD
2012 PDC Nike Core Hooded Sweatshirt
PDC-337291 Was:$50.00
Now Only:$25.00 USD
2012 PDC Nike Womens Hooded Sweatshirt
PDC-337295 Was:$50.00
Now Only:$25.00 USD
Reebok Toasty Long Sleeve Mock
M4910 Was:$39.99
Now Only:$29.99 USD
Bauer Warm Up Pant
103427 Was:$37.99
Now Only:$29.99 USD
Reebok Team Jacket
J3433 Was:$62.99
Now Only:$31.99 USD
CCM Referee Bag
EB100 Was:$44.99
Now Only:$34.99 USD
Shock Doctor 5-Pad Impact Short
SD531 Was:$69.99
Now Only:$34.99 USD
Bauer Supreme One.4 Skate Youth
1039335 Was:$44.99
Now Only:$31.99 USD
Bauer Insulated Jacket
BIJ-1034 Was:$54.99
Now Only:$39.99 USD
Shock Doctor Shockskin Bio-core Hockey Pant
SD584 Was:$54.99
Now Only:$39.99 USD
CCM RBZ 40 Youth Skate
SK40YT Was:$54.99
Now Only:$39.99 USD
Bauer Soft Shell Jacket
1034467 Was:$61.99
Now Only:$44.99 USD
Shock Doctor Shockskin Hockey Impact Shirt
SD573-01-15 Was:$79.99
Now Only:$49.99 USD
Shock Doctor Shockskin Hockey Relaxed Fit Impact Short
SD583 Was:$79.99
Now Only:$49.99 USD
Bauer Supreme 850 Officials Shin Guard
OSG850 Was:$54.99
Now Only:$44.99 USD
Reebok 4K Helmet
HT4K Was:$59.99
Now Only:$47.99 USD
Reebok 5K Youth Skate
SK5KYT Was:$79.99
Now Only:$54.99 USD
Bauer Vapor X4.0 Skate JR
1036995 Was:$149.99
Now Only:$62.99 USD
Easton Tundra Jacket
A164402 Was:$97.99
Now Only:$63.99 USD
Bauer Official's Pant
REFPRO Was:$75.99
Now Only:$64.99 USD
Reebok 5K Helmet
HT5K Was:$79.99
Now Only:$63.99 USD
Bauer 5100 Helmet
B5100 Was:$89.99
Now Only:$75.99 USD
Bauer Vapor X 50 JR Skate
1041213JR Was:$99.99
Now Only:$69.99 USD
Bauer Vapor X4.0 Skate SR
1036981 Was:$199.99
Now Only:$92.99 USD
CCM RBZ 60 JR Skate
SK60JR Was:$119.99
Now Only:$83.99 USD
Reebok 9K JR Skate
SK9KJR Was:$139.99
Now Only:$97.99 USD
CCM RBZ 60 SR Skate
SK60SR Was:$149.99
Now Only:$104.99 USD
Combat Pro 300 Referee Pants
REFPANT300 Was:$179.99
Now Only:$139.99 USD
Bauer Vapor X 60 SR Skate
1041208SR Was:$199.99
Now Only:$139.99 USD
Bauer Supreme One.7 SR Skate
1000971 Was:$349.99
Now Only:$244.99 USD
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